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Drift Academy Japan 

ultimate Drift experience Tour 

Drift Academy Japan is the ultimate Japanese car culture experience. During the trip we will visit Nismo Omori factory, RWB HQ, Super Autobacs, meet with some great car builders. Enjoy the exclusive BBQ & Drift Party at Daigo's new facility Fat Five Land. Learn the fudementals of Drifting at the world famous Ebisu Circuit in our fleet, with our profession instructors. Dine and experience some best Japanese food and hospitality. Our team is with you the whole time and can answer any questions about drifting or Japan that you might have! We also do add some sightseeing throughout the trip. This will be an experience you will never forget!

Next DA Japan Schedule 13th -19th April 2024

Day 1 - Where it all Begins: Tour of Shibuya, Central Tokyo

Embark on your Japanese adventure, the journey kicks off in the bustling heart of Shibuya, known for its iconic intersection which is claimed to be the busiest intersection in the world and has featured in movies like Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift. You’ll immerse yourself into Japanese culture, sightseeing before indulging in a traditional Japanese dinner, then onwards to exploring the vibrant Tokyo nightlife.

Day 2 - Super Autobacs, RWB: A Dive into Automotive Excellence

Embark on an automotive adventure with a visit to Super Autobacs, heaven for car enthusiasts. This expansive store is a treasure trove of aftermarket automotive accessories and performance parts, catering to the needs of every automotive enthusiast. 

Following this, the journey takes you to the iconic RWB (RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF) headquarters, a must-visit site for Porsche enthusiasts. Founded by the legendary Akira Nakai, RWB is renowned for its wide-body kits and performance upgrades, giving each Porsche a unique and aggressive aesthetic. Dive into the artistry of RWB through an exclusive tour, witnessing the craftsmanship that goes into creating these automotive masterpieces. Afterwards, you’ll enjoy some sightseeing, taking in the local culture, before indulging in a delectable dinner to cap off the day.

Day 3 – Nismo Omori Factory, Mooneyes, Daikouku Parking Area: A Day in the Heart of Automotive Innovation and Culture

Step into the world of automotive innovation with a visit to the Nismo Omori Factory, a world-famous facility in the automotive tuning industry. Marvel at the precision and attention to detail as you explore the factory, home to Nismo GTRs and limited-edition engines. Gain insights into the craftsmanship that defines Nismo's reputation for excellence.

Continue the journey with a visit to the legendary Mooneyes hot rod shop in Yokohama. This American-style hot rod haven has a unique charm, showcasing a fusion of Japanese and Western automotive cultures. The day concludes with a visit to Daikouku Parking Area, where the vibrant local car scene comes to life. From supercars to JDM classics and motorcycles, witness the diversity of Japan's automotive culture. Cap off the day with a delightful Japanese BBQ dinner, savouring the flavours of local cuisine.

Day 4 - No Daigo No Party: VIP Drift Experience and BBQ at Daigo's Fat Five Land

Indulge in the ultimate VIP drifting experience at Daigo's Fat Five Land. This exclusive private party is a rare opportunity to rub shoulders with the drifting champion Daigo Saito and enjoy some thrilling tandem laps with him. For experienced drivers, the chance to drift unique layouts adds an extra layer of excitement. The festivities continue with a BBQ, providing a setting to share stories and laughter with Daigo. After an adrenaline-packed day, head to the hotel near Ebisu Circuit for a well-deserved rest.

Day 5, 6 - Drift Programs at Ebisu, Visit ARIOS Supercar & Performance Car Shop: Mastering the Art of Drifting

Embark on a two-day drift experience at the iconic Ebisu Circuit, immersing yourself in the fundamentals of drifting to refine your skills and techniques. You’ll feel the rush of adrenaline as you take part in drift taxi rides around North Corse and Togue Course, providing a unique perspective on the art of drifting.

We’ll also explore the ARIOS Supercar & Performance Car Shop. Witness an array of high-performance machines and delve into the world of automotive excellence.

Day 7 - Last Day, Back to Tokyo, Sightseeing in Shibuya&Harajuku

Bid farewell to the automotive adventures as you return to Tokyo for the final day. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmospheres of Shibuya and Harajuku, capturing the essence of Japanese pop culture while taking the opportunity to do some souvenir shopping. As the day concludes, say your goodbyes, cherishing the memories of a week filled with thrilling adventure, unique encounters and a deep dive into Japan's automotive culture. Arigato and Sayonara!

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What's Included

  • Airport pick up & drop off

  • Accomodation and all meals

  • Super Autobacs visit 

  • Nismo Omori factory and RWB HQ visit

  • VIP Drift & BBQ Party at Daigo's Fat Five Land

  • 2 Day Drift Academy experience at Ebisu Circuit

  • All drift related cost covered, Cars, Tyres, Fuel, Track Hire​

  • ARIOS Supercar shop visit

  • Transport throughout the trip, WIFI on the go

3 DAY Add-On Tour 20th -22nd April 2024

Formula Drift/Liberty Walk

Day 8 - Travel To Nagoya, Visit Liberty Walk HQ

Meet and greet in Tokyo in the morning, travel down to Nagoya city in our private van, wifi is available, visit Liberty Walk HQ which is a Japanese tuning shop that specializes in creating wide-body kits and other aftermarket modifications for high-end sports cars, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche and etc. Followed by dinner and check out Nagoya nightlife.

Day 9 - Formula Drift Japan 

We will be spectating at Formula Drift Japan 2023 Opening Round at Suzuka Twin Circuit,  we have a long working relationship with FDJ, so you will also meet and greet with Formula Drift Japan boss and judges. FDJ is a one of the most professional motorsport series in drifting, where drivers from around the world compete in high-powered drift cars, performing high-speed maneuvers and executing precise drifting techniques. It's considered as one of the most important drift competition in Japan and one of the most competitive in the world. 

Day 10 - Secret location and enroute back to Tokyo

After checking out hotel in Nagoya we will visit a very cool secret location before we travel back to Tokyo and the add on tour finishes.

3day add-on booking online

What's Included

  • Tokyo pick up & drop off

  • Accomodations and all meals

  • Liberty Walk HQ Visit

  • Formula Drift Japan Round 1 Tour

  • Secret Location Visit

  • Naogya City sightseeing

  • Transport throughout the trip, WIFI on the go​

Top 6 Reasons To Attend

Learning at Ebisu Circuit

Our drift programs cater to all skill levels whether you are new to drifting or you have had a few track days under you belt, everyone will get the opportunity to learn and refine their drifting skills at the world famous track - Ebisu Circuit!

Japan Car Culture Experience

During the trip we will visit Nismo factory, Toyota Museum as well as touring some world famous shops like HKS, Fat Five Racing (Daigo's Shop) and meet amazing car builders, this is one of lifetime experience!

Japanese Hospitality

We provide an exciting culture experience which includes traditional spa resort, fine dining.  Learn about Japanese culture and giving you the opportunity to feel like a real local, this is a unique experience that hard to come by as a tourist as you will be companied with our Japanese staff.

World Class Coaching

Learn from the BEST! Drift Academy instructors have lots of experiences from instructing thousands of customers in he past. We might even bring guest coaches such as World Drift Champion Daigo Saito and D1GP Champion Team Orange if schedule allows.

Drift Taxi Hotlaps at 5 Tracks

Our Drift Taxi is a 4 door sedan with 4 racing seats equiped professional drift car, taking thrill rides with friends at Ebisu Circuit. Drift Taxi rides will be on North Course, Driftland and the super crazy tight Touge Course! It is a super fun experience for everyone!

Dedicated Drift Cars

Drift Academy has carefully selected some best vehicles to learn the skill of Drifting. All the cars are well setup and provide excellent reliability, which means maximum track time, tyres, fuel and all drift car related costs are indluded.

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Back in march 2017 my wife and I did the full drift academy with sky and his team.3 full days of drifting glory and couple extra days Both sides of so many xtra bonuses ....Sky and his team were so much fun they made the trip for us much good laughs and friendships made we really love hanging with them and learn to drift for the drifting you havta try it ,holiday of a life time learnt so much and now very happy with our drifting skills cool thing about the trip is my wife had very little drifting skills(same with me) but she came away happy as with her new skill set and would encourage other girls not to b afraid and give it a go!we also had privledge of staying in genuine Japanese onsen and meeting amazing people like Daigo saito,Team orange memebers and other amazing car guys overall I would say this trip was a 10 out10 and tell people to give it a go the whole thing will change you and you will have a prefect time ..thanks to all the guys in the team ..specially T.D , Tuxx , and the man who brings its all togther Sky Zhao! 

Jared Campbell, New Zealand

I did the 3 days at Ebisu in Japan. It was my first time drifting and my first time to Japan. Sky and Tux really made the whole experience amazing. They not only taught me to drift well enough to link corners, but they made sure every day was full of experiences. We stayed in a traditional Japanese Spa Resort and enjoyed the culture to the full. Every day there were surprises we didn't expect and it all added to an unforgettable experience. Without a doubt the best holiday I have ever had and would recommend it to anyone. We got to meet Drift royalty, experience real Japanese culture, do hot laps with Daigo and Sky. Too many amazing aspects to mention them all. I would highly recommend this for the skills you'll learn but also for holiday and experiences. I will do this again!!! 

Peter Hansen,  New Zealand  

Best fun I ever had, and I loved every minute of the trip! It was my just time to be in Japan, and see the car culture myself with Sky's team is mind blowing, we went to Ebisu Circuit for 3 days drifting, I have learn a lot myself, so stocked to have Daigo Saito as a teacher, and we shared a couple of drinks afterwards, we also did many things outside of drifting like visiting Daigos crazy workshop and RWB HO is one hot spot where everyone want to check out in person. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn drifting or even just want to experience the true Japanese Culture! Thanks for the fantastic trip Sky and rest of the team! 

Long Yi,  China


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