Drift Academy provides driver training for those looking for an introduction into drifting as a sport and for those looking for adrenaline filled automotive experience.

Meremere Drift Park

Drag Way Meremere.   40mins South of Auckland.

Drift Master

$999 NZD Per Person


Drift Master takes you through all the techniques of Drift 101. Drift Master give you more time to master the Drift 101 exercises before the addition of more challenges in afternoon which bring together the techniques into advanced exercises.


This is a highly recommended option for those who are looking to learn every aspect of drifting and walk away having confidently learned and put to practice the skills they acquired after taking our full day class.


Course Duration: 6-7 hours.


Course Includes:


  - Theory Sessions

  - Drift Donut and Reverse Donuts

  - Handbrake Drift into Hard Park

  - Handbrake Entry Linking Donuts

  - Handbrake Entry Linking donut (Reverse)

  - Drift into Reverse Hard Park 

  - Figure 8s and switch Techniques

  - Certificate of Completion

  - Tea Coffee and Snacks included

  - Discounted Taxi Rides -- $79 per person

Drift 101

$549 NZD Per Person


Drift 101 provides the New Zealand’s premiere drifting instructional course taught by the best instructors in the country. Drift 101 is specially designed for first time drivers and amateurs looking to take their driving skills to the next level. 


Drift 101 has been structured to provide an introduction to the fundamental techniques of drifting. The exercises focus on the theory and development of steering and throttle techniques essential for drifting.


Course Duration: 2.5-3.5 hours.


Course Includes:

  - Theory Sessions

  - Drift Donut and Reverse Donuts

  - Handbrake Drift into Hard Park

  - Handbrake Entry Linking Donuts

  - Certificate of Completion

  - Tea Coffee and Snacks included

  - Discounted Taxi Rides -- $79 per person

Drift Elite

$1199 NZD Per Person


Drift Elite starts off by revising some techniques of Drift Master, then jump into super fast drifting techniques in 2nd gear.


This is a highly recommended option for those who has completed Drift Master and want to chase more skills and speed! Course finishes with Free Drift Taxi Ride.

*** Drift Elite is only available for people has completed Drift Master Course***


Course Duration: 6-7 hours.


Course Includes:


  - Theory Sessions

  - Handbrake Drift into Hard Park

  - Drifting into Reverse Hard Park 

  - Handbrake Entry Linking Donuts

  - 2nd Gear High Speed Initiation

  - 2nd Gear Drift into Donut

  - 2nd Jellybean Switch

  - Certificate of Completion

  - Tea Coffee and Snacks included

  - Free Taxi Rides

Message us the date of event you want to participate after payment through Paypal. Bank transfer is available please message us for details.

Drift Taxi Rides

$129 NZD Per Person


The ideal gift for a thrill you can all share! The Drift Taxi takes up to three people, an adrenaline filled experience for the whole family or friends. 4 buckets seats, 4 times the FUN!

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Geoffrey Phillip


An awesome experience met some pretty cool people and had an awesome time. Turns out i'm alright at it as well got a little prize for being best in my group. Learn't heaps and left with a big grin.

Cheers for the awesome day!

Such an organised well run event with super friendly good people running it. Recommend to anyone thinking of doing it!

Dan Perry


What a great event, and all the instructors and helpers were awesome!

I was way outside my comfort zone, but how could you not have fun, all those things you've always wanted to try in a car! Thank your!

Joe Cave


Thanks to Sky Zhao and his team for providing such an awesome experience! The team was very professional and supportive which are definitely beneficial for drifters in training. Worth every dollar! Thanks again guys! 

Logan Clarke


Massive thanks to the team at Drift Academy for putting on such an awesome day yesterday, really good day learning the basic fundamentals of drifting different engine packages! Cheers for all the help guys!

Warren Sare

Thanks Sky Zhao and his Drift Academy - International team for having us down at Meremere today. I think as you say ‪#‎driftwithsmile‬!

Roger Roguski


I would like to say a big thanks to Sky Zhao and his team at Drift Academy for such a mean day on Saturday, Drift Academy is the best place to learn how to drift if you don't know how to or to learn a lot of valuable techniques and skills in purpose built cars that are extremely good to drive you have the option of a v8 or a sr20det which are both great. It was good being tutored by very experienced professionals in the drift scene they have a lot to teach people thanks guys.

Jin Qing


What an awesome day, I have been getting into drifting and attending Drift Academy was a right choice! I have learn so muchin one day and I can't wait my next course. The event is very well structured and organised, I would recommend it to anyone who like some sideway experience.

Matthew Goodey


We had an awesome day, so much fun!

Looking at the video’s last night… it’s amazing the progression throughout the day!

I will definitely be looking to do some corporate days for this! Thank you!

Robert Min


I would like to give a big shout out to Sky and his awesome team for organizing this event. The course is well structured and this is by far the most legit way of driving someone else's car sideways without getting impounded. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an adrenaline rush.

Piripi Kahotea Thwaites


So I was privileged enough to be one of the first people to attend the first Drift Academy day in NZ. I'm abit late on the review but I couldn't express enough how much I enjoyed the day. The tutors there are top notch and expect nothing but for everyone to enjoy the day. The atmosphere of the day is wicked everyone starts off as strangers but by the second exercise everyone's smiling and talking to each other about their last run and how they could of improved it. The best part for me was seeing each other progress and get better and better with confidence which is what this day is all about. It's got a almost family vibe to it you learn about people, where there from what they drive. What got them into drifting or just cars in general. That leads to everyone relaxing and not just trying to be the best at everything and learning the fundamentals which are the stepping stones of driver training. Overall I would recommend this to anyone that is into cars or drifting and wants to meet like minded people who share the same passion. Hopefully I'll be back soon for another day but fingers crossed I can do a Japan based one. Cheers Sky, Bryce, Paul ,Luke, Dom and anyone else I missed.

Shiloh and Angela


One stoked woman! Big thanks to Sky and the team at Drift Academy for a fantastic day. Angela loved her Xmas present, and what a bonus to also be first female to attend AND win most improved on the day!

Richard William


Had an absolute blast at Drift Academy - International today! Even if it was only a half day I still learned HEAPS! Shout out to the awesome instructors! If you are wanting to learn more about car control this is the place to do it!

John Rosser


Mean day with Sky and the guys who were well organised and well set up. Good demos and a lot of fun thanks guys gona book in again with a couple of mates next time!

Mathew White


Anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of drifting before you take your own car on the track or just wanting to go out for a day with friends and be behind the wheel of one of 3 professional drift cars I highly recommend Drift Academy!! Sky Zhao and his team of instructors make you feel comfortable as they take you step by step threw the basic fundamentals of drifting...it's fun, safe and gets your blood pumping, it's the best time I've had for years and I can't wait to do it again!!!

Doug Goodman



Never done any proper drifting or donuts etc but after 30 minutes I was doing figure eights,donuts etc.. Highly recommend doing drift academy!! Thanks heaps!!!

Really enjoyed it and learnt so much!! My first time doing any of that. Can't wait to try it again! 


Nic Bogaart


Had an absolutely awesome day at the drift academy today, thanks to all the instructors for guiding me though all the lesson and thanks to Sky Zhaofor providing The 3 drift cars and putting on an awesome event.


Aaron Bromley


Best day out ever was a awesome event, so much fun!