MSC Challenge NZ

Drift Academy and Genesis Drift Park presents MSC Challenge NZ Championship 2021 in conjunction with Formula Drift Japan and MSC Japan.


MSC Challenge was started back in 2006 in Japan by Kazuhiko Iwata who also founded Formula Drift Japan series. MSC Challenge focuses on the "Fun Comp" for drifters with all skill levels, very soon it has become very popular among the drifters in Japan. Through MSC challenge, drivers progress their skills in a fun and fairly level playfield.

MSC Challenge is a feeder series to the top tier competition Formula Drift Japan, where top drivers will be awarded with Formula Drift Japan driver licences.

It's our pleasure to have the founder Iwata-san and Formula Drift Japan judge Robbie Nishida fully behind our events. The event will be livestreamed online so this is a great opportunity to showcase your skills to them and the world!!!

 Vehicle Regulation:

. Full weld-in rollcage with side intrusion
. Full bucket seat with harnesses
. Maximum 235 width rear road tyres (semi slick type drift tyre NOT PERMITTED at the rear)

Looking forward seeing you at MSC Challenge!

MSC Challenge Japan

 Event Information

Round 1: 27-28 February 2021
Round 2:  20-21 March  2021
Round 3 10-11 April 2021

Venue: Genesis Massive Drift Park

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PHONE: +64 222 555 888