Drift Elite

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Drift Elite is the private 1 on 1 drift training course which is only available from Monday to Friday.

This is a highly recommended option for those who wants to learn drifting fast and have the maximum track time possible with a professional instructor. Drift Elite is suitable for all skill levels whether you are new to drifting or you have experience before, as we will tailor the course to improve your drifting skill in the best possible way. Most of the this bookings are for 1 person, however we can take maximum 2 people per car on the day.


Course Duration: 6 hours.

Course Includes:

  - 8 Theory Sessions

  - 10 Drifting Sessions

  - Drifting Donuts

  - Handbrake Drift into Hard Park

  - Handbrake Entry Linking Donuts

  - Handbrake Entry Linking donut (Reverse)

  - Reverse Hard Park 

  - Big O Drift into reverse hard park

  - 2nd Gear High Speed Initiation

  - 2nd Gear Drift into Donut

  - 2 more sessions to revise what has been learnt

  - Taxi Rides Included (Value of $129)

  - Helmets Provided

  - Instructor onboard

  - Lunch provided

  - Certificate of Completion