Drift Master

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Dive into a comprehensive drifting experience with Drift Master which not only covers the fundamental techniques of Drift 101 but also elevates your skill set by introducing three additional advanced drift techniques. These include mastering the art of weight transfer and counter-steer and develop a solid foundation that sets the stage for what lies ahead.

This program is specifically tailored for individuals who are eager to learn the art of drifting and want to maximise their seat-time. By the end of Drift Master, participants will gain the confidence to effectively drift the car sideways. 

Secure your spot now and gear up for a thrilling adventure where each challenge brings you closer to becoming a true Drift Master.

Course Duration: 5-6 hours.

Course Includes:

  - 6 Theory Sessions

  - 6 Drifting Sessions

  - Drifting Donuts

  - Handbrake Drift into Hard Park

  - Handbrake Entry Linking Donuts

  - Handbrake Entry Linking donut (Reverse)

  - Reverse Hard Park 

  - Big O Drift into reverse hard park

  - Helmets Provided

  - Instructor onboard

  - Certificate of Completion

  - Lunch provided

  - Discounted Taxi Rides -- $79 per person