Drift Elite

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Drift Elite is the pinnacle of personalized drifting experience. Elevate your drifting skills with our exclusive 1-on-1 training course.

This highly recommended experience is tailored for individuals eager to fast-track their drifting skills, providing maximum track time alongside a professional instructor. Whether you are new to drifting or an experienced drifter, Drift Elite caters to all skill levels, customising the course to enhance your abilities in the most effective manner.

Most of these bookings are for 1 person, however we can take a maximum of 2 Drift Elite participants on the day. This experience is available from Monday through Friday.


Course Duration: 6 hours.

Course Includes:

  - 8 Theory Sessions

  - 10 Drifting Sessions

  - Drifting Donuts Non-Countersteer

  - Drifting Donuts Countersteer

  - Handbrake Drift into Hard Park

  - Handbrake Entry Linking Donuts

  - Handbrake Entry Linking Donut (Reverse)

  - Reverse HardPark 

  - Big O Drift into Reverse Hardpark

  - Drifting Donuts Anti-clockwise

  - 2 more sessions to revise what has been learnt

  - Taxi Rides Included (Value of $129)

  - Helmets Provided

  - Instructor onboard

  - Lunch provided

  - Certificate of Completion