Drift Master

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Drift Master takes you through all the techniques of Drift 101 then Drift Master adds more challenges by learning 3 more drift techniques. 

This is a highly recommended option for those who are looking to learn every aspect of drifting and walk away having confidently learned and put to practice the skills they acquired.

Course Duration: 5-6 hours.

Course Includes:

  - 6 Theory Sessions

  - 6 Drifting Sessions

  - Drifting Donuts

  - Handbrake Drift into Hard Park

  - Handbrake Entry Linking Donuts

  - Handbrake Entry Linking donut (Reverse)

  - Reverse Hard Park 

  - Big O Drift into reverse hard park

  - Helmets Provided

  - Instructor onboard

  - Certificate of Completion

  - Lunch provided

  - Discounted Taxi Rides -- $79 per person